Podcasts, panel discussions, studio tours and one-on-ones.

The stories we tell each other and the world help shape our understanding of our environment and our place in it. Our ‘Stories’ series will play host to a number of live and pre-recorded events that will provide an insight into creativity and the creative process.

Join our Surf Coast artists and creatives in a series of facilitated discussions throughout July and August. Or drop by for a virtual studio tour and hear artist’s thoughts on space, place and artistic influence.

The Stories program and video resources will be launched here from 1 July.


Walking with Artists

A curated series of responses by artist and PORTAL LAC Miranda Jarvis. Join Miranda as she walks the glorious landscapes of the Surf Coast with artists for whom walking is key method for their creative practice.
To see this project, click on the link above.

PORTAL Postcards

Throughout July and August, we invited the Surf Coast community to become a creative pen pal by sharing some artwork on a postcard, which we then sent to a vulnerable or isolated member of our community. In return, each artist received their own PORTAL Postcard from an anonymous postcard artist. An online exhibition of a curated selection of the postcards will be held here via PORTAL in October

Short and Sweet

Short and Sweet Conversations is a series of intimate chats between children's book authors about the inspiration behind their books and the process of writing them.
Local children's book authors Kaye Baillie, Renee Treml and Stef Gemmill hosted these chats via Facebook Live every Thursday throughout August, and they are still available for viewing via our Facebook page. Click on the image above to find them.

Surf Coast Cafe Program Jigsaw Puzzle Project

Community members from across the Shire have answered the call to create a collaborative art piece.

Participants from Council’s Cafe Program have contributed individually-decorated puzzle pieces, with 68 pieces fitted together to make a single beautiful work. 

We’ve chatted to many of our contributors, and to see the stories behind the creation of these pieces, go to the Council’s website by clicking on this link.


Unfurling Surf Coast Artists:
Julie Dyer in Conversation with Mark Trinham

Mark and Julie
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Journey on Wadawurrung Country:
Corrina Eccles and Ferne Millen

Journey Ad
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Ochre and Water:
Sally Groom and Corrina Eccles

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Mentorship and Collaboration:
Miranda Jarvis and Iris Walshe-Howling

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What's the Point of Public Art:
Rowena Martinich, Julie Shiels, Grant Fincke and Glenn Romanis

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The Making of the Surf Coast Arts Trail:
Julie Dyer, Pat McKenzie and Cinnamon Stephens

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Theatre Matters: Janine McKenzie, Nicki Watson, Maryanne Doolan and Michael Baker

OneAct image
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Art, Activism and Place: Stacie Bobele, Deirdre Boeyen-Carmichael, Richy Bennett, John Foss and Peter Day

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Where to Now? The future of the arts on the Surf Coast: Jason Smith in conversation with Stew Guthrie, Geoffrey Carran, Helen Gibbins, Daniela Rodriguez and Mark Trinham

Dawn eastern sculpture 03
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The MAC: A community-driven arts centre
Helen Gibbins, George Carman, Gay Bell, Sally Groom and Daniela Rodriguez

MAC image
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Launch of the Natural Connections Project: Caroline Hawkins and Sally Groom

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The FLOAT Project: Transforming communities through art

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