Robert Kain

Rob Kain

Rob has spent a lifetime looking outside the known universe, in life, in business, artistically, and spiritually – and his artwork reflects this search.


Rob was born in 1948. In the 70s, he trained as an art teacher and majored in sculpture. He was noticed by George Mora of Tolarno Gallery, St. Kilda, and during the 70s received several different commissions and grants for creating installation art around Melbourne.


He also studied theatre arts and spent the next 20 years working as an art and drama teacher, working with secondary and tertiary students and community groups, creating a variety of theatrical productions.


In the 90s, Rob left teaching and trained as a Life Skills Facilitator and in several different forms of soft tissue bodywork. For 10 years, from the year 2000, he ran his own school in Emerald.


When Rob moved to Anglesea in 2010 and started walking on the beach at sunrise, he was immediately connected to nature, and the creative spirit rekindled.


For the last 10 years, Rob has had a number of exhibitions around the Surf Coast. Rob’s chosen medium is a water-based acrylic, traditionally called gouache or poster paint, created so that the colors did not readily mix or bleed into each other.


During the time kept apart due to Covid, Rob painted thousands of art proofs, small experiments conducted with different dilutions of paint on different surfaces, and then photographed many of the results with a high-resolution scanner.


From such a simple starting point, Rob has now created a whole new form of art that is detailed, colorful, and reflects both the macrocosm and microcosm of the universe. His work reflects scenes that can be found looking through the James Webb telescope into outer space or equally looking through an electron microscope into a droplet of water or leaf matter.


They can be produced on a very large scale without losing clarity and thus becoming extremely cost-effective when comparing it to other art forms.


Rob is currently involved in a number of different projects. In September 2022, he was invited to be part of an installation art project where his work, along with that of several other Surf Coast artists, was projected on the wall of the Surf Coast Secondary College, rekindling his passion for installation art.


He is currently working with some local Geelong photographers to create a studio space where his work can be videoed and photographed while still wet and moving, allowing for even greater clarity and detail.


The results uncover another world.