Richy Bennett

Richy was raised in a magical world where labradors, the bush and the beach illumed his deep love of nature.

A warm and insightful psychologist, Richy entwines wonders from Mother Nature to cultivate wisdom and mastery of our human nature and potential in performance settings that range from Olympic/Paralympic Games to the ‘walk n talk’ sessions he guides locally along the beautiful coastal trails of the Surf Coast.

Writing is a lifelong passion and Richy’s first book The Surfer’s Mind shares his seminal work pioneering the field of Surf Psychology. Along with simple ways to develop heart and mind to surf better The Surfer’s Mind also provides guidance on how to evolve consciously through ones activity of passion.


Richy’s new book 100 Dawns is a collection of one hundred poetic sentiments on life and love that arose from a beach meditation fundraising challenge Richy completed to demonstrate the value of connecting with nature and engaging in self study for sound mental health and fulfilling ones potential.