Renee Wigley - Deans Marsh

Dog Races 2017: This photograph is taken at one of the Deans Marsh Festival’s most popular events, the Small Dog Race.

Looking Out: This photograph invites curiosity from inside the tranquil dome looking out toward the bustling activity as the child in the orange jumper draws us out to join the fun.

Marsh Magic: There’s never a dull moment when we come together in Deans Marsh, this photograph captures the vibrant, energetic and colourful nature of our community. 

Frogwood Arboretum: The Ancestors Henge was a central part of the running route during Run The Marsh. This monument is considered a spiritual/cultural addition to the Arboretum, designed by James Maund.

Festival Dome: Intoxicated by the colour and shapes in The Dome, creating a vibe that truly reflects the Festival atmosphere.

The Cows: One late afternoon during a driving photo adventure, I stopped to capture the golden country landscape, when these curious cows strolled over to say hello. The locals here are so friendly!

Laughing Pony: The laughing pony was quoted as saying: “The festival is by far my favourite day of the year, it makes me ever so happy to have my photo taken!” 

Tree Valley: This photograph was taken in the beautiful Boonah hills, absorbing the days heat and reflecting nature’s colour palette. 

Gum Boot Toss, 2019: The Gum Boot Toss is a time-honoured tradition at the Deans Marsh Festival. The early morning spectators gathered to watch as the winning toss was flung into the blue sky

Johnny Jazz Hands #3: This photograph is one of a series of Jazz Hands taken over several years of Renee’s partner John. This series sees John’s silhouette greeting a number of different skyscapes around the Deans Marsh area.