Rebecca Hosking – Lorne

Rebecca Hosking - Lorne

Adrift: Adrift is part the “Cloud” series which explores the ephemeral nature of clouds, highlighting the beauty and details of that which drifts above our every day. The “Cloud” series is the culmination of a seven year art project. Taken at Fairhaven looking towards Lorne, the peak formation of this cloud, tone and tone formation, reflecting the waves and hills of the area, seemed particularly apt.

Aeolus: Aeolus, king of the winds, is visible in this cloud formation, connecting the lines of the coast, directing one’s eye and energy towards Lorne. A play on the all roads/clouds lead to Lorne. Part of the larger “Cloud” art series.

Behind the veil: Behind the main street of Lorne, past the bustle of the cafes, flows the water of life.  The veil is a metaphor of the analogy of the layers of life and place.

Cycle of light: As with the cycle of life, it can be advisable to take the road less travelled, to create ones own path, to travel lightly, to take time to enjoy the simple things, and view life with a soft and gentle gaze.

Epoch: Part of the Epoch series, Epoch is a philosophical exploration of this particular period in time.  Taken along the Great Ocean Road, leading into Aireys Inlet from Anglesea, on the 14th of January 2020, the juxtaposition of the sweetly pink sky with the silhouette of our native roadside trees, connecting here to there, burned to not burned, sweetness to suffering, land to sky, here to beyond, from physical to visceral, was pivotal.  

I am here: Whilst photographing a wedding at the LSLSC the light lit the “I am here” LSB installation beautifully, highlighting the quietness of the ocean environment.  Seeing a lone SUP-er enjoying the ocean I was hopeful of the possibility of a visual interaction to create a stronger composition.  After setting up I was delighted by the unfolding of the stages of the sequence, in relation to the art installation and how it related to life: sometimes we can feel exalted when everything aligns and at other times we can be in the process of a decline, however, just as powerfully present in all cases.


Into the woods: Into the woods we go or not. The “caution – do not enter” sign in the Otways caught my eye due to the dual meanings I felt it represented due to the context of the period of time.  It was positioned in an area typically designed for public access, a National Park, during a Covid-19 period.   Being accustomed to seeing signage and rules around social distancing in the context of stores, metropolitan areas, and homes, seeing the sign in the depths of the forest appeared somewhat aberrant and poignant and therefore captivating. The metaphor of fear being associated with new journeys, taking a first step, and what may lie ahead was particularly appealing. 

Verve: Capturing the vigour of the Pier To Pub, this photograph brings an oceanic experience to the footpath of Lorne.

Soul Surfing: Surfing can be considered by some to constitute an aquatic religion, a connection to nature that transcends sport.  The call and pull of the curve of the wave is echoed in the curl of the leg rope, the glistening water drops speaks of an experience that had just been whilst looking forward to “when again”, the gentle curve of the beach and the non-glorified colour palette speaks it’s own language to those whom the ocean speaks.

Thru the looking glass: It can take a change of perspective to see the beauty of an everyday object framing the every day world.   The beauty, symmetry, light, composition and texture of this Durvillaea potatorom, this gift of the ocean, also created sublime frame and focus.  I invite you to explore the algae of our beaches, explore perfection in natural formation and design,  which can create a fabulous focus and frame for our lives.