Postcard Project Exhibition

The inspiration for the Postcard Project began with an existing creative postcard exchange project that has continued between several local artists over many years. During a time of social disconnection, the idea of sending a creative missive to vulnerable and isolated members of the community seemed to us at PORTAL a perfect partial antidote.

Enter local activist and artist Deirdre Boeyen Carmichael , who – like all Australians at the beginning of 2020 – was still reeling from the impact of the bushfires of 2019-2020. In response to bushfire’s devastation of our natural environment and the impacts of COVID, she began a project to mark the passage of time and the changing face of nature in a daily postcard-sized painting of the same view of Southside Beach near her home in Bellbrae.  Painting the sunrise from the same location each day and recording meteorological and tidal information on the back created a time capsule captured within these postcards: a moment in our lives that was new and uncertain but at the same time spreading optimism and hope through their postage to family and friends. With her permission, Deirdre’s project became part of ours as we reached out to our registered artists and the wider community to ask them if they would like be part of the PORTAL Postcards Project. 

We had 45 artists register and 225 miniature artworks submitted. Their generosity and talent was incredible, with over 100 distributed to the isolated and vulnerable and the remaining postcards exchanged between the artists.

Below find some of the beautiful work that was created and delivered throughout our community.