Lorraine Brigdale

I am a proud Yorta Yorta woman originating from the Ulupna Clan in the Barmah Forest. An artist, mum and grandmother, my art and craft background has always included making things from natural and found materials. 

As an Indigenous woman and artist, I am learning, teaching and sharing my art practices, culture and love of country. Making, weaving and coiling baskets, mats and sculptural pieces is in my blood, a part of my ancestral memory, I’ve also been taught various methods by amazing Indigenous weavers along the way, including Aunty Bronwyn Razem, Aunty Marilyn Nichols, Sis Donna Blackall and Aunty Dorothy Lovett. Another teacher I had 30 years ago who taught me to make contemporary baskets with vines, bark and other natural materials was Pat Dale who lives in in South Gippsland. 

Being connected to country is not something that every indigenous person automatically has in their life, but through sitting together in a circle, chatting and working on a weaving or a sculpture, the connection can be seeded and grow. For many indigenous people, young and old, recognising that connection brings a feeling of belonging not felt before. During the COVID-19 pandemic I have missed my various connections. I’m looking forward to a time when we can meet again.

Lorraine is part of the Wayapawarr Watnada Marangee Project.