Katja Nedoluha

Katja is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual creative producer with a background in Anthropology and Aboriginal Studies. 

She followed her heart to Australia in 2004 and journeyed across the continent, connecting deeply to the land and its people. She strongly believes relationships are key to understanding culture. Katja has been passionately witnessing and supporting the ‘Black Revolution’ driven by Indigenous artists and activists who have been (re)educating the public, re-writing the past and driving positive change.

She worked with Kukatja/Nardhi people on a film and documentary in the Great Sandy Desert, recorded the stories of a Bardi Elder in Broome and worked with Gunditjmara artist and master weaver Bronwyn Razem on sculptural projects, exhibitions andcommunity workshops.

Katja sees connection, engagement and creativity as the key ingredients for a culturally cohesive and sustainable future for all.

Katja is part of the Wayapawarr Watnada Marangee Project.