Grant Finck

Having started my professional career as a sculptor and ceramicist in the late 1970s, I have accumulated over 40 years of full-time studio practice in the visual arts, completing 28 public commissions and have built an extensive exhibition history. I have also successfully completed post-graduate studies at the Victorian College of the Arts in the early 1990s.

The years spent as a ceramicist, mastering the precise discipline of clay and fire and developing a strong eye for form has honed a substantial skills set. This foundation has given me the ability to undertake a diverse range of projects utilizing a range of different materials from resin, steel, and bronze to ceramics.

In my search for a unity or coherence within the image I draw on conceptual foundation and intuition to create sculpture that reflects my interest in describing the phenomena of community, the interplay between individual and the collective, intimacy and anonymity, and how each of these influences our relationship with the environment.

Working with deliberate conceptual intent, coupled with well developed technical skills, has enabled me to transcend many technical constraints, giving me the freedom to develop unique processes to articulate concepts that revolve around themes of personal and collective identity.  A natural progression from these experiences was to utilize my artistic skills in the creation of sculpture for public spaces.