Elevate your practice, your creativity, your wellbeing with Portal’s workshops.

In June, Elevate features a series of workshops and skillsharing for creatives, by creatives. Designed to elevate existing artistic practice, this series of workshops meets the needs and demands of local artists in a socially distanced world.

From July, Elevate your creativity with a series of artistic and how-to workshops offered by local artists for young and old alike. Portal will play host to a number of Surf Coast creatives sharing their skills with the community in a series of paid and free workshops.

The Elevate program will be launched here from 1 June.

Elevate Online Workshops

Going Digital - website or social media?

With Sabrina Lunn
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Expanding Your Reach:
workshops, online events and more...

With Natalie Martin

Photographing Your Artwork -
using your smartphone

With Mollie Vaughan
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Studio Tour Video Basics: using your mobile device

With Josh Conn

Options and Opportunities for creatives selling online

With Fiona McPherson
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Writing about your work for promotion, funding and other opportunities

With Stacie Bobele

Getting That Grant: Learn how to be competitive for grant funding

With Harriet Gaffney
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How to Budget for Arts Grants

With Gretchen Gibson