Conchita Fonseca

Conchita Fonseca

Conchita Fonseca is an artist driven by a profound love for colour and an attention to detail. Finding inspiration in the mundane, she breathes life into ordinary objects and weaves visual narratives.


Conchita uses acrylic paint, pastel and pens on canvas, wood or paper. She works quickly and spontaneously, often mixing colour directly on the surface, creating dynamic effects.


She chooses a subject that resonates with her, whether it is a fruit bowl, a room, or a landscape – then sketches the composition and applies colours intuitively.

Beyond her recent still life creations, Conchita’s portfolio boasts landscapes and intimate interior scenes that radiate warmth and familiarity.

Despite being self-taught, her talent has not gone unnoticed, as she continuously explores the realm of colour and stretches the limits of her creativity.