Cinnamon Stephens​

Cinnamon Stephens

Surf Coast artist,  Cinnamon Stephens has been creating since 1992. Choosing to work from home, Cinnamon’s studio began in Geelong West, then a few stops around the Surf Coast shire led her to the harmonious coastal Anglesea. In recent years her artwork has enjoyed an added strength and vibrancy thanks to the collaborative support of her husband Rowan.

In 2016 this creative duo were selected for an artist in residence experience in Umbria, Italy!

Cinnamon chooses steel and copper as her prominent medium when making her purely
sculptural pieces and creative functional artworks. Inspired by organic and
whimsical shapes and forms, Cinnamon’s artwork is very distinctive.
Custom designing projects for clients has become a large part of what Cinnamon works on these days, something she is proud of and enjoys immensely.

With eleven solo exhibitions and numerous group shows under her belt, Cinnamon’s work
can be found in restaurants, café’s and private residences all over Victoria.
Examples of her work can also be found in private collections in America,
England, New Zealand, Canada, Sydney, Perth and Tasmania.

Thanks to an overseas travel scholarship, won through Ballarat University where
Cinnamon gained her Fine Arts degree, she has travelled through selected parts
of America and Europe. In recent years Rowan and Cinnamon have travelled through Japan and central Italy.
These experiences are echoed in her artwork.

Cinnamon Stephens and her husband Rowan are creative metalwork sculptors who work full time on their distinctive custom designs. Orders are welcome.