Bellbrae Hall

Bellbrae Hall

Karen Shum is inspired by her love of animals and nature, Karen paints and draws, bringing her subjects to life. Karen uses a variety of mediums, including acrylics, watercolour and oil, as well as charcoal and pencil.


Becca Woolnough is an Anglesea based artist who was inspired to paint when moving to the area 10+ years ago. Becca is inspired by the natural world and creates artworks using acrylic paint on canvas and recycled woodblocks, depicting local flora and scenery. Becca has worked on private and commercial projects and welcomes sales and commissions.


Sandra Jennings enjoys drawing, painting and printmaking; focusing on dogs, dingoes, old buildings and moody skies. Nature is a large inspiration, wide open outback spaces and also moods of the sea. She also enjoys photography, both as an art form and as an inspiration for the other mediums.


Joy Beeby is a weaver and stitcher of baskets and sculptural pieces and uses found objects , and plant material.


Kathy Harry makes baskets and sculptural pieces and uses plant material and other materials.


Sam Harry makes baskets and sculptural pieces using a variety of materials which include wool and found objects.


Anne Davies makes pieces using found objects like paper dress patterns and plant material.


Artists include:

Karen Shum, Jude Morgan, Deb Shanhun , Antony Eugene Twining, Sandra Jennings, Becca Woolnough


The Weaver Birds- Joy Beeby, Kathy Harry, Sam Harry, Anne Davies