Ashmore Arts

Ashmore Arts

Ashmore Arts is a hub for local artists with purpose-built studios and workshops. Artists and artisans all come together in this vibrant community – Sculptors, Pottery, Painters, Illustrators, Photography, Leather Works, Print Makers, Blacksmithing, Knife Making, Timber Furniture, Concrete Furniture, Design and Homewares.

Ashmore Residents:
Lorraine Archibald, Indira Muller, Erin Reinboth, Rowena Martinich, Geoffrey Carran, Natalie Martin, David Rossiter, Kathryn Junor, Brittany March, Kirsten Walsh, Flip Crilley, Liz Hart, Samantha Leggett, Melody Moon, Takeawei Pottery, Angela Nicholson, Eli Beke, May Lee.

Special Guests:
Mivart Creative (Aerial Painting), Surf Coast Energy Group (Spring Creek Walks, Sunday only), Brendon Surf Coast Creations, Laura Winch, Logo Zoo, Go with Flo (Coffee and Crepes), Kate Eliza, Valley Studios (next door): Fooz Shoes and Chelsea Macague

Kirsten Walsh Fine Art

Portrait and Botanical realism artist.

Studio 11 Ashmore arts

I have been a full time artist for 6 years, moving to Ashmore in 2020.

I work predominately with pencil in a variety of mediums, including Colour pencil, Charcoal and Graphite. My work is highly detailed and hyperrealistic.

Other works have also included public art, murals and exhibitions. 

National Street Art Award 2020.


Melody Moon

Music teacher

Surf Coast singer songwriter and music producer Melody Moon creatively champions a re-connection with nature. She entwines her collected samples from the environment she inhabits into her songs while weaving a deep narrative with her powerfully soothing voice. Delicately describing local Australian flora with river rhythm accompaniment then bursting into affirmative sing-a-longs, her music mantras lift spirits and bring people together.

 Since her song ‘Out of the City’ hit the top 10 on the Amrap AirIt Charts back in 2011, she has been a welcomed guest on radio shows across Australia and toured extensively. Now with a collection of 4 EPs and an album ranging from folk to pop to meditation music, Melody is enjoying passing on her skills with singing and songwriting lessons to locals aged 6yrs-60yrs. 

 You can catch her creating her songs and guiding other creatives on their music journeys in Studio 2 @Ashmore Arts, Torquay. A studio she shares with visual artist Indira Muller, whose local bird paintings interact and inspire the music art Melody and her students create.

fb/ instagram: MelodyMoon_musicwithnature


Kathryn Junor


Kathryn Junor a painter based at Ashmore Arts on Wadawurrung Country who embodies the essence of the daydreamer throughout my practice.


Kathryn’s work creates a sense of wanderlust by meditating on our everyday environment and the surrounding geology of the landscape. Blending the Surrealist and Modernist styles to evoke this effect within her paintings. It is through the Surrealist use of colours and shapes, combined with Modernist influence that Kathryn reflects on contemporary Australia and its relationship with the Australian Landscape. 


Kathryn hopes you the viewer, feels her love and appreciation of Australiana – from its landscapes to the familiar spaces that occupy contemporary Australian life.
Insta – Kathryn Junor

David Rossiter

David lives in Torquay, has a graphic art, sales, and surf industry background. Art studies cover more than four decades – RMIT, Geelong Fine Art School, Brougham School of Art and Curtin University. He has held 18 solo exhibitions and is in collections within Australia and countries including New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and India. Artist’s residencies and travel in India have been a major influence on his work and more recently, he is once again looking at his local environment.
Instagram  david_rossiter_art


Eli Beke 
Wedge and Edge Studio

Timber and Metal craftsperson

Eli Beke of Wedge and Edge Woodcraft is a Melbourne-based craftsperson. Self-taught, he creates pieces that are as visually compelling as they are functional. With a focus on developing practical forms, each piece is imbued with the maker’s hand and designed to enrich the life of the owner.

Eli’s practice is influenced by Swedish and Japanese-carved household objects. He works predominantly with wood and metals, where he combines traditional woodcarving and timber joinery techniques, with modern metal fabrication. Eli’s former work as an electrical engineer has given him a practicable approach to his practice, while his extensive travels by bicycle across Asia in his 20s has left a lasting impact on his craft.

Natalie Martin


Watercolour artist


Natalie Martin is an artist based on Wadawarrung land in Victoria. She works in vibrant watercolour and is particularly fond of Australian flora, birdlife and landscape as her subject. She feels a deep connection to being outdoors and observing and learning from nature. Seasonal shifts, daily rhythms, weather and change inform her work. Working from her studio at Ashmore Arts, there’s an endless source of inspiration within reach. Natalie will have a selection of original work, limited edition prints, greeting cards as well as her online courses available over the Arts Trail weekend.


Website –

Instagram – @natalie_martin

Chela Edmunds – Takeawei



Designer Chela Edmunds launched Takeawei in 2013. She works with a small team at her studio on the Surf Coast, to create fun, functional ceramics for your home and commercial projects. From mugs to lighting, each piece is handmade to enjoy everyday with a focus on design, craftsmanship and functionality.


Elisabeth Hart – Studio Hart Creative

Surface Pattern designer

Previously a lawyer, I always had a longing for the creative world.  Now, as a botanical watercolour artist, I create nostalgic works that are inspired by nature, capturing the beauty of local flora, fauna and beyond.  Combined with my passion for interiors, I am venturing into the world of surface pattern design, translating my works into bespoke wallpaper and fabric designs, personalised stationery and more. 

Insta: @studiohartcreative


Chalisa Morrison


Chalisa lives in Torquay, Surfcoast and has been consistently creating art since moving to Victoria in 2005 predominately with Acrylic medium.  Chalisa’s art training began in the 90’s firstly at the University of South Australia studying visual arts then through her fashion design and illustration studies at Marleston College, Adelaide.

Chalisa loves combining her passions – colour, abstract imagery and nature – in her art blending impressionism and surrealist styles.  Many of Chalisa’s artworks are nature or sea inspired with experimentation being at the forefront of her evolution as an artist.

Chalisa’s creative process begins with either a subject matter or a specific color palette.  She seeks inspiration in nature and loves the process of evolve and growing as an artist.