Ashmore Arts

Ashmore Arts is a hub for local artists with purpose-built studios and workshops. Artists and artisans all come together in this vibrant community – Sculptors, Pottery, Painters, Illustrators, Photography, Leather Works, Print Makers, Blacksmithing, Knife Making, Timber Furniture, Concrete Furniture, Design and Homewares.

Current artists and designers at Ashmore Arts: 

Chalisa Morrison, Lorraine Archibald, Indira Muller, Nick Morris, Indie Lane Photography, Rowena Martinich, Geoffrey Carran, Natalie Martin, Kathryn Junor, Book Seed Craft Instinct, Kirsten Walsh, Lucy Weir, Mark Noel, FrancHome, Ged Adams, Bombora Custom Furniture, Grey Form Concrete, Simply Forged Metal, Monkey Knives, Mark Trinham, Glenn Romanis & Takeawei Pottery.